Run Shadow Run

I’m a full stack engineer with 1.5 decades of experience. I do all the stuff, work with all the languages. Expert in XYZ overall and several libraries in particular.

My old job was great, at an XXX area agency. But, it was quite a drive to get to and other offers came in that surprised me with their lucrative offers. I took one that puts me closer to home. This new work, I haven’t begun yet but, there are things to be concerned about.

At my old job it had become easy, doing a lot of the same things, etc etc. I could still learn here but not as fast as I will at the next job. I also get to go from Senior Developer to Senior Software Engineer.

My latest fascination in computers is machine learning. To that end I’ve really hopped on to Python, because it has the Natural Language Tool Kit (NLTK) and TensorFlow. However I’m not a data scientist and that work remains a hobby.

My new work has several warning signs. They were bought by a hedge fund four years ago and the wide spread opinion is that in year 5 they expect to sell and make a shit ton of cash. I was hired on a 6 month contract with the lure of being full time at the end. However, I doubt that will ever happen. My expectation is that a bunch of layoffs will precede their year 5 sale (sometime summer 2019). This can work for me though, as I will technically be hourly and able to work overtime. Hello 1.5 earnings. Properly played this can make me a 6 digit earner for the first time, and a nice little blurb on my resume at the end of the game. I expect that in 6 months they’ll ask me to sign on for another 6 months and maybe I’ll say yes? Maybe I’ll leave before then too.

(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞  This guy

An article I’m reading about the main mover and shaker suggests that he will be slowing down his process as the market catches up to him. So perhaps it will last longer than a year. ┐(´ー`)┌   “On average, Vista doubles the Ebitda of its companies within five years.”

This job also puts me the closest I have ever been to a billionaire. I would like to glean his knowledge whenever possible however I doubt I will ever meet him or even be within a mile of him. Still I will see his finger prints all over. Finding ways to add fees… here are some notes

XXX deploys quickly for a simple reason: While the rest of private equity basically relies on identifying and rectifying inefficient companies, XXXX bets that it can improve the operations of even well-run firms–and claims that it’s never lost money on a buyout transaction in its 18-year history. “I am most proud of our system being a loss-prevention mechanism,” XXX says.


“Software contracts are better than first-lien debt,” XXX says. “You realize a company will not pay the interest payment on their first lien until after they pay their software maintenance or subscription fee. We get paid our money first. Who has the better credit? He can’t run his business without our software.”

The manuals weren’t just about efficiency but also incorporated cost-cutting measures and fee-generating ideas.

The playbook includes exhaustive details on things like contract administration and steps needed to ensure a company is being paid for all the code or services its customers use. In one case, a company XXX bought charged customers only for inbound support calls, neglecting to charge a minimum amount for ongoing support. XXX canceled all the contracts and got 100% of the customers to enter into new deals with higher minimum support payments.

This company is in transition. The first transition was the Private Equity Fund take over, and the 2nd will be the sale. I’ve often been good at taking advantage of chaos and so that will be my mission. Like an ethical shadow runner I’ll try not to ice anyone that doesn’t earn it, but like a real shadow runner, I’m a mercenary and my soul is for sale.

I intend to use this blog to chart my adventure in this dangerous space.

The real question is, how do I make a billion dollars. Seems like an MBA or a very innovative disruptive business is required. Robert Smith’s keen observation points me towards business critical software subscriptions.

I want to read their best practices but it seems like that will be difficult to access.Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 3.25.22 PM

Run shadow run.